Show gardens and awards

We are very proud of our show garden achievements over the last couple of years and believe that our show gardens and awards provide evidence of our ability and professionalism. Please visit our Youtube Channel to see exciting videos of our show gardens and the construction process of them.

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Dig the City 2016- ‘Plight of Coral’

At RHS Tatton 2016, our confident and thought-provoking design, Plight of Coral was rewarded with a silver medal. Dreamscape Gardens MD Dan was especially pleased to have this garden recognised as he has a strong interest in the effects climate change are having on our oceans, and specifically on coral, and wanted to highlight this through his design and planting scheme.

“My kids wrote to Sir David Attenborough after watching one of his TV programmes highlighting the tragic effects of climate change on the state of the oceans coral.
They were so excited to receive a reply from him and from there our interest in the situation grew.
So, the inspiration for this Dreamscape show garden really came from them!”

The planting scheme uses a plethora of vibrant colours to represent the glory of healthy coral: strong, vibrant and teeming with life. To show the damage we’re doing, brilliant-white rocks push through the plants to shock the observer, representing dead coral – bleached and useless.