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5 things to do for your winter garden maintenance

Winter is coming soon! It is time to get ready for winter garden maintenance. What do you need to do for it? Here are the 5 things we suggest you do for winter.

1. Cutting back

Make sure you leave some vegetation for wildlife. Prune trees and shrubs in dormancy where appropriate. You would also need to trim autumn pruned perennials.

2. Cleaning up

Picking up leaves and composting for leaf mould. Pulling up annuals and clearing overgrown areas to deter pests.

Check the variety and give your evergreens a haircut if it is needed.

You should also tidy up pots, give them a good clean out and store for winter. Also, divide and conquer – lifting and dividing herbaceous perennials.

Remember rust never sleeps in winter, so tidy up, clean and store your tools in sand and motor oil to prevent damage.

dreamscape gardens cleaning up

3. Planting can be done until the soil freezes

Autumn bulbs are a good choice for this period of time. This bare root season is good to plant fruit bushes, trees and hedges. Don’t forget to move dormant planting.

dreamscape gardens Bulb Planting

4. Protecting

Bring in tender plants, lift and store dahlias and tender bulbs. Mulch your less hardy garden plants if you don’t want to lift them.

5. Prepping

Feed the soil using compost and manure. Weed out perennials that have taken hold over the season. Remember to till the soil to aerate and help drainage.

Sounds like a lot to do? Don’t worry! We can take the stress away. At Dreamscape Gardens, we provide professional and efficient services to help with any of the above.

Dreamscape gardens maintenance

What we can do for you?

1. Clean ups

Clean up rotting and finished planting ready for winter, removing invasive weeds that have taken over in the season, tidying up leaves.

Dreamscape gardens clean ups

2. Mulching – prepping soil for spring

Bone meal, bark, manure and compost mulching. We also turn the soil to aerate it and provide the beds with more drainage for the winter weather

3. Bulb planting

We can advise on what bulbs to plant and where to put them in your garden. We can also help with moving dormant plants, lifting and dividing perennials and moving larger planting with as little disruption as possible.

Dreamscape gardens prepping

4. Hard pruning

If your planting has got out of hand over the spring and summer months and you’re in need of a proper trim, our team have the plant knowledge and tools to help, we can advise on what plants are best to trim, we also do full site clearances, if you are looking for a blank canvas.

Dreamscape gardens hard pruning

Our maintenance services start at £25 per man per hour, and we work in a team of 3 for all our services.

Now that all the hard work is done, it’s time to get planning for next year. If you’re in need of a garden update, contact our design team to discuss our prices now.

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