7 Tips for Preparing Your Spring Garden

February is the time to prepare your garden ready for the start of the new season. Today we would like to share 7 tips for preparing your spring garden. It’s time to nurture your garden and help bring life to it after a quiet winter!

1. Prep your soil

Once the frost has gone, it’s time to get the soil ready for spring. Loosening the soil helps reduce any compaction. Remember to remove leaves, weeds, and moss as well as make sure to add fertiliser and compost. If you’re not sure what your soil needs, the RHS offers a soil analysis service or you can purchase testing kits cheaply online.

dreamscape-gardens-spring-soil-prep2. Prune and Divide

Whilst things are still dormant, it’s a good time to prune shrubs, deciduous hedges and climbers. Doing the work in early spring allows plenty of time for new foliage to grow. Pruning times often differ from plant to plant, remember to do some research before pruning.

3. Early planting

It is bare root season till early April so get thinking about planting such as soft fruit bushes like raspberries or trees. If you are lucky enough to have a greenhouse, there are lots of things you can get sowing ready for the growing season. You can get sowing seeds ready for early flowering such as antirrhinums and sweet peas. To get an idea about what and when to plant flowers, have a look at this article: https://www.suttons.co.uk/Gardening/Flower-Seeds/When-to-Sow-Flowers/


4. Fix your structures

Whilst everything is dormant and you have easier access to the garden, get repairing your fences, trellis and sheds for spring preparation. Now is also a good time to think about whether you’d benefit from any new additions; consider adding some compost bins, or water butts to help you start the new year more environmentally friendly.


5. Get planning

Ordering seeds, pots and all the bits that you need to get ready for sowing.

6. Clean your tools

The best thing you can do to ensure your tools’ longevity and get ready for a busy growing season is to clean and prep your tools, make sure they’re all in working order. If needed, order any replacements before the growing season arrives.


7. Don’t rush

It’s always tempting to get carried away with yourself but be wary of planting out too soon. It’s still too early for many seeds to sprout.

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