New Dreamscape apprentice

New apprentice for Dreamscape Gardens

Helping young people towards qualifications and a good career

New Dreamscape apprentice
New apprentice getting stuck into the hard work

Here at Dreamscape Gardens, we’ve been involved with the horticulture and landscaping apprenticeship scheme for some years now, and it’s working really well for both parties. Our latest apprentice is 21 year old Jake Watts, who has joined us this month. Jake moved over to Cheshire from the Isle of Man with his family about a year ago. He initially took a job as a greenkeeper at a golf course, but after being laid off when winter arrived, he decided he needed to look at some training courses, so he could eventually secure himself a full-time, permanent position, without the worry of seasonal lay-offs. He is now doing an apprenticeship with Dreamscape Gardens and is so motivated he intends to complete the 12-month course in six to nine months. Jake spends one day a week at college, where he undertakes a structured, supervised course covering all aspects of landscaping, work including health and safety, handling and using a wide range of tools, equipment and materials, and preparing landscapes for seeding or planting. Whilst he’s working with us, he is trained by his team supervisor, who monitors everything he does to ensure he’s getting the best possible experience. We have high hopes for Jake and hope that soon he’ll be joining the Dreamscape team as a full-time employee, with a defined career structure ahead of him.

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