Art in your garden

Dreamscape’s MD Dan Newby loves to see a bit of art in his garden space. Are you inspired?

Statuary or ornaments of any description, are a great way to personalise your garden space. After all, I bet you’ve got all sorts of what my gran used to call ‘nick nacks’ dotted around the house haven’t you! Vases, photographs, art in the form of paintings or sculptures – even the most minimalist of spaces will have some personal touches. So why not apply the same ethos to your garden space too?

Metal sculpture in form of Umbellifer plant
Our ‘umbellifer’ sculpture by Ian Marlow

In our show garden at RHS Tatton flower show last year, we commissioned a beautiful steel design from sculptor Ian Marlow. It was in the shape of an umbellifer (commonly known as ‘cow parsley’) to reflect some of the plants we’d used in the garden design, but because our garden was futuristic in its outlook, we asked Ian to incorporate solar panels into his sculpture too!  It looked amazing, a real talking point. For more traditional gardens, something more classical in form may work better, but even these can be put to good use by incorporating bird baths.

There’s inspiration everywhere around us: The beautiful gardens at Chatsworth House are full of amazing classical statuary, including busts of many famous historical figures. If your taste is more contemporary, then a visit to Yorkshire Sculpture Park is not to be missed – you couldn’t fail to be inspired by the amazing art surrounding you.  And for your own space? Copies of some beautiful designs are easily available in garden centres at reasonable prices – ok they may be moulded concrete rather than sculpted from alabaster, but they do the job.

Dan writes a regular column for MOOR magazine: from where this article is taken

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