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How A Garden Sculpture Will Help Your Exterior Thrive

Garden sculptures can completely transform your outdoor area. They achieve the same effect on your exterior as displaying artwork and ornaments does on your interior – helping add that little bit extra to inject personality and elegance into a home. Here, we explore the benefits of this feature for a […]

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heaton moor project cover photo

Garden design project in Heaton Moor

If you are interested in getting your garden updated with a beautiful new design, take a look at our example below. Get inspiration for your garden and speak to the Dreamscape team to help you every step of the way. This is a project we completed in Heaton Moor including […]

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Energise Your Exterior With Garden Lighting

Garden lighting is often recommended as a way to improve the appearance of your outside area. Simply sticking up some lights may not feel like much of an addition, but this type of feature can completely refresh an exterior. When executed correctly, the benefits are numerous. Read on to discover […]

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Red and purple tulips

New garden? Take your time…

Moved house? New garden? Hang on! Don’t do anything just yet….   If you’ve moved to a new house and you’re itching to get started on the garden, the best thing you can do for your pocket and your garden is to be patient and wait  – especially if you move […]

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