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Creating An Eye-Catching Exterior With Artificial Grass

If you feel that every garden landscaping option requires too much upkeep, then artificial grass will be your exception. It has a multitude of benefits, though implementing it successfully will depend upon you and your exterior’s requirements.

Here, we outline everything you should know when picking this type of turf.

The decision: Real or artificial grass?

The natural option may instinctively appeal to you, but many prefer a synthetic lawn for a number of reasons.

Real grass

An authentic turf is preferred by those who are very ecologically minded due to the environmental benefits. These include improving the air quality and generating oxygen. It costs less to lay as well, making it perfect for those with a minimal initial budget.

However, the charges for water can be high, as real grass requires a substantial amount, particularly during the summer months or periods of drought. It can rack up other costs too, owing to the garden maintenance needed. Care in the form of weeding, scarifying, aerating and fertilising, and the tools and materials required for these procedures, can make it less cost-effective in the long run. On top of this, substantial footfall eventually results in your lawn looking untidy.

Artificial turf

Foot traffic isn’t an issue for artificial grass. The maintenance needed is minute, providing it’s installed correctly. It’s not dependent on water like a real lawn is, so you can relax in summer, rather than having to address thatch, brown patches and turf disorders. This type can also be used as a solution to those areas which are shady and so struggle to grow grass.

A synthetic sward has a much higher upfront cost, and therefore may not suit those with little initial funds. It isn’t permanent either – like anything, it has a shelf life. For this reason, it’s best to confirm the guarantee before selecting your artificial turf.

Maintaining synthetic grass

If you do opt for an artificial turf, then the upkeep required is determined by your surroundings, and the activities carried out on it.

Tidying and cleaning

Unless your lawn has no overlooking trees and shrubs, you’ll probably need to clear it of any leaves and cuttings on a regular basis. If the area you live in is quite dusty, then more frequent cleaning may be necessary. This will be a simple hosing down – in the wetter months you can let the rainy weather do the work for you. Using the hose may be required weekly if you have any children or pets.

Removing any stains is very straightforward too. The majority can be eradicated by applying hot, soapy water. It’s best to avoid powerful cleaning products like bleach – they can potentially cause damage to the grass.


Regular brushing is also something that might be necessary if, for example, the artificial grass has begun to grow moss. A quick brush with a specialised or synthetic-bristled broom will remove it without any problems, and you can prevent it by ensuring that the grass is exposed to plenty of sunlight.

You may want to brush frequently even if your turf doesn’t have a moss issue. It will guarantee that it appears at its optimum. Use a broom or fluffing machine against the grain of the grass to ensure the blades (or turf fibres) stand up straight.

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Installation process

Minimum synthetic turf maintenance can be ensured by guaranteeing that it’s fitted correctly.

Choosing the right installation

When installed, the grass needs to be able to drain properly. Firstly, evaluate the drainage before the installation – if your turf gets wet and muddy easily, then you should get an expert to do it for you. Like paving, you can allow for better drainage by using a sub-base that has enough compacted MOT Type 1 and sharp sand.

In addition, you can confirm the grass is stable by employing a hidden timber-framed perimeter. The joins of the turf should be attached together correctly by using joining tape along with a suitable adhesive. Installing it with a weed-suppressant membrane underneath will be helpful too, as perennial weeds can be warded off.

Selecting quality

You should take into account the artificial grass’ quality as well as the installation process by looking at multiple samples. Sun rays can cause its colour to fade, so ensure it’s UV-resistant. Greengrocers AstroTurf need no longer be chosen – modern synthetic swards appear much more authentic, using fibres that are of different lengths in shades of green and brown.

The installer you select should provide as much quality in their service. Otherwise, there is a risk that the lawn will deteriorate quickly. You can guarantee a reputable installer by checking that they hold the full BALI accreditation. Those who possess this follow the highest standards, and have been fully vetted and approved.

This accreditation is held by us here at Dreamscape Gardens. We ensure that the artificial turfs we install are completed correctly first time around. The garden design, landscaping and maintenance services we provide will make your outdoor area look its very best, and meet your specific needs.

If you’d like to discover how we could create a beautiful exterior for you with artificial grass or any other type of garden landscaping, you can request a quote by getting in touch with our team today.

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