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Didsbury Garden Maintenance – A Case Study

Maintenance of a mature garden in Didsbury, extensively maintained over a 5 year period.

1 mow every week and 4 hours of work per fortnight

Work completed:

  • Borders shaped into ovals and curves
  • Installation of an irrigation system using a timed drip feeder to ensure that the garden flourishes all year round
  • Borders weeded throughout the growing season by hoe and with a trowel.  No chemical treatments used, keeping everything organic!
  • Hedges trimmed at the correct time of year, privet trimmed between May & Sept after first nesting birds have fledged, beech hedge trimmed at end of summer
  • Large trees pruned to keep maximum light coming into the garden which benefited the lawn, plants and shrubs
  • Lawn mowed once a week throughout the growing season (April – October then frequency was reduced during autumn)
  • Leaves removed from the lawn in autumn and winter. For a garden of this size (1 quarter of an acre), it takes several weeks from November to end of December for the leaves to fall from surrounding trees and to collect them.
  • Leaves stored in a special darkened area in order to turn into leaf mulch and then used as mulch on the borders in March
  • Hydrangea flower heads carefully removed after the first frost in April/May
  • Lawn care: aeration once a year in spring with a lawn aerator and lawn dressing brushed into holes so as to reduce compaction and improve drainage. This encourages healthy roots and greener grass
  • Lawn care: scarified in spring and autumn to remove moss and thatch
  • Lawn edges maintained with edging shears, not a strimmer
  • Lawn feed applied in spring, summer and autumn
  • Island rockery feature: a border was created in the middle of the garden. This was a suggestion we made to the client to create a focal point in the middle of their expansive lawn. This was planned, designed and installed by our team.
  • Roses pruned: cut low in early spring and deadheaded throughout the growing season, fed with manure after pruning
  • Winter garden maintenance: cut back and trim perennials ready to for winter
  • Winter: initially beech and privet hedge extensively pruned and shaped whilst dormant in January
  • Renewal pruning of fruit trees crab apple (Malus Evereste) and Apple (Malus Domestica) done in winter months
  • Wistera pruned back to the 6th node in February (having been trimmed back lightly after flowering in August)
  • Jetwashing sweeping weeding and cleaning patio and pathways
  • Bulbs planted in the autumn
  • Maintenance of fencing and garden buildings, re-stained

Client testimonial: “Dan and his maintenance team have been maintaining our garden for over 5 years now providing an exceptional and reliable service. They are horticulturally knowledgeable, professional, they wear uniforms and are highly skilled and we would recommend them to anybody.”

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