Our show gardens and awards

We are very proud of our show garden achievements over the last couple of years and believe that our show gardens and awards provide evidence of our ability and professionalism. Please visit our Youtube Channel to see exciting videos of our show gardens and the construction process of them.

Click the links to see our other show gardens:

Dig the City 2014- ‘The Garden of Illusions

Judged by celebrity gardener Rachel de Thame and the National Trust’s city gardener, Sean Harkin, we were awarded the Silver-Gilt medal against 20 other competitors for the garden which embraced and solved the challenges of gardening in a small urban space.

Together with artist Liam Curtin, Dan came up with an installation garden that played with perspective. Based on the idea of “visual illusions of space”, a show garden that appeared to shrink in size and go on into infinity was created. The garden itself was a clever mix of the urban balconies and patios that are so often found outside flats, town houses or on small allotments.