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Energise Your Exterior With Garden Lighting

Garden lighting is often recommended as a way to improve the appearance of your outside area. Simply sticking up some lights may not feel like much of an addition, but this type of feature can completely refresh an exterior.

When executed correctly, the benefits are numerous. Read on to discover what your garden can gain from a little illumination, and ideas to incorporate into your design plan.

The benefits of garden lighting

If you’re rarely in your garden during the evening, you’re missing out on a whole other area of your home. Taking in the outdoors has been proven to be beneficial to your health too. After installing your lighting, you’ll find you can now carry out all sorts of activities, such as reading books, holding evening gatherings, and even gazing at the stars. Your exterior becomes a useable space, no matter the time of day.

Lighting can accentuate the beauty of your garden, providing it’s already in a stunning condition. If it’s not, some simple maintenance can ensure a more picturesque view from your home. An attractive appearance will also enhance the property’s value, taking a future task off your hands if you decide to sell up.

Additionally, the extra visibility that lighting grants can help prevent attempted burglaries. As well as acting as a deterrent, you’ll be able to quickly spot if anyone tries to break into your home.Garden lighting Tatton garden night

Ideas to implement

There is an abundance of garden lighting concepts for you to choose from, including spotlighting trees. This involves placing a wide-distribution light underneath. Depending on the type of tree, you may want to illuminate directly from below using recessed spotlights (ideal for wide, umbrella-shaped trees) or at an angle using freestanding ones with adjustable heads (for narrow, tall trees). You can create a similar effect by uplighting walls and fencing with barn lamps.

Recessed ground lights along a path can also produce a stunning display that helps you and any visitors find their way. LED strip lights have a similar use, providing a glowing effect with an undetectable light source.

For a more creative, bohemian look, lanterns, string lights and candles are perfect additions. Highly portable and with a distinctive warmth, they can help make specific areas of your garden feel cosier than others.

Solar alternatives are available for those looking for eco-friendly garden lighting solutions. Powered by the sunlight, they’re perfectly affordable and also easy to install, with no fiddling about with cables necessary. However, a general rule of thumb is: the lower the price, the less likely they are to last.

Designing your garden lighting

After you’ve decided which lighting ideas you’d like to incorporate in your outdoor space, you’ll need to decide how best to maximise their effect. Think about how you’ll use your garden, and what exactly you want from the illumination. If you’d like to highlight key features, spotlighting beautiful trees or uplighting a fountain would work well.

Bulb brightness and colour is another consideration. You wouldn’t want lighting so dim that the garden is barely visible, but nor would you want it blinding you. Make sure you look at its lumens rating – a higher rating means a brighter light. Particular moods and looks can be achieved with different colours, including:

  • Warm – for a welcoming environment
  • Cool – for a more neutral appearance
  • Daylight – for a natural look

If you plan to power your lights via the mains, you’ll need to take into account their IP rating. This determines how protected they are from solid objects or water. The higher the rating, the less vulnerable your lighting will be. It’s best to source a qualified electrician for installation, in order to meet the Building Regulations.Garden lighting tatton dreamscape garden


Perfecting your garden

Any good garden design plan should have lighting amongst its priority tasks to ensure you can enjoy your new outdoor paradise as soon as possible. It’s much easier to have all the work done at once, rather than having to pull up your newly laid paving or plants to wire and install at a later date.

At Dreamscape Gardens, our team would love to assist. We’re able to help with tasks such as garden design, landscaping and maintenance, as well as everything in between. Our full BALI accreditation means that we’re specialists in our work and offer sustainable solutions. So, if you need help with garden lighting or support with any other element of your green space, get in touch with our team today.