Modern Garden Design Hale

Plant Lovers Garden, Hale, Greater Manchester – case study

Plant Lovers Garden – Hale, Greater Manchester


This modern garden design was done by working closely with the clients over a consultation and research period of 4 months. The overall landscaping project took 3 to 4 weeks to complete.

The clients current garden in Hale was not working for them, although they have a love of gardening, they had little time to complete the garden as to how they wanted it. The whole back area of the garden was covered with Leylandii Conifers that shaded the garden and made it feel small. The existing decking area was rotten and in need of replacement, the concrete flags and vegetable beds were no longer useful.


Garden Lovers Garden Hale, Before modern design

The garden before work began

Client brief:


  • The client wanted to create a space that was inviting for wildlife, suitable for Bees, birds and butterflies to make a home.
  • Ample room for outdoor entertaining.
  • A secondary space that can be used for a fire pit in the evenings.
  • Relatively contemporary and simple garden design incorporating lots of sleek, minimal surfaces with fluid shapes.
  • New fencing to be installed whilst maintaining and retaining the feature that is the existing Acer for uplighting.


rotted decking and fencing removed from site

Extensive site clearance of decking and vegetation

Design and Landscaping


  • Dreamscape Gardens created a new designed seated area out from the patio doors of the property.
  • This seated outdoor area was edged with a retaining sleeper wall which was then finished in a clean buff resin bound gravel.
  • This led to a freshly laid curved lawn surrounded by bright planting and foliage.
  • At the back area, Dreamscape added a secondary seating area, seemingly hidden by a border of grasses like Miscanthus and Luzula, perfect for a fire pit in the summer.
  • In the next stage of works, around this will sit a bespoke timber pergola structure with espalier wires to grow a Wisteria to provide shade.
  • A new timber fence added a warm backdrop to the borders and freshened up the look of the boundaries.
  • We removed the conifers and fencing at the back of the garden, allowing views of the lovely trees behind.
  • Fitted in between this was a matching trellis was bespoke cut as not to disturb the trees. This will be perfect to train up the Jasmine and climbing Hydrangea that we planted, creating a lush evergreen screen which will be perfect for nesting birds.
  • For the planting, we incorporated lots of pollinator plants such as Alliums, Nepeta and Lavender.
  • In addition to the Viburnums, which will create berries for birds, the client wanted a pared-back colour scheme of whites, purples and blues so we added colourful perennials such as Phlox, Verbena and Astilbes alongside shrubs like Magnolia, Cornus and Continus.


New fencing installed

New fencing being installed


Modern Design garden, Hale

Here is the finished look! You can see we’ve created a feature of the existing Acer and underplanted with lots of textural foliage and lighting

Customer Testimonial:


“Thank-you so much to Dreamscape Gardens for all your help throughout the project, we are so very pleased with the end result!”



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