Every client and every garden is different. So every design we create for our clients is outstanding and unique to them. We can give you an idea of how to move forward with just a few pictures of your current garden and some details on how you might want to change it. We have been designing and creating gardens for over 15 years and are proud members of our professional trade bodies BALI and the APL. So why not get in touch today with a professional garden designer to find out which of our packages would suit you best?



Our first consultation with you is really important, we can to get to know you, your garden and what you want from it going forward. It gives us the opportunity to the design process in full and discuss the options for your particular space. After the meeting we can send you a design proposal, including a brief for the garden and details explaining the design package contents and costs.

Site Survey

We carry out a full topographical survey, including boundary locations, levels, existing planting, aspect, soil testing and more. At this stage we will have set up a mood board using Pinterest to share with you, so we can also discuss any new ideas you may have. On occasion we may discuss engaging with a professional surveyor.

Concept Design Package

With all the information gathered from our conversations, meetings and site visits so far, we will begin work on the initial concept design. This is a really exciting stage of the process as we find ways to maximise the potential of your space. We will present this design to you in a plan format with images and text to help illustrate the design.

Full Garden Design Package

With the design concept completed, we will work to develop the design further and refine any details with you. We will present the developed design to you with detailed plans covering dimensions, levels and specification of material choices. Your garden may have a unique or bespoke elements, so this stage is really important in defining exactly what it is. We can also supply 3D visuals for the design if you wish to discuss these as an additional part of the document.

Planting Plan

With all the hard landscaping specified and designed, it’s time to look at specifying the planting. We will have covered the plantings general form in the design so far but here we can get into the details such as colour schemes, textures, height and smell. We have several options for the way we can present and implement the panting plan so we will also discuss these options with you. We can also provide planting plans and implement them for your existing garden if you already have a layout you are happy with.


Now you have your design ready to go we can discuss how to transfer it from paper, into reality. Building gardens is complicated and skilled task, we have our own in-house team of experienced landscapers who can carry out the work and we work with them closely to ensure the best results including creation of a schedule of works, risk assessments, construction drawings. Whether you use our own team of landscapers or an alternative contractor we can provide a comprehensive project management service to ensure the design is implemented with success.