Garden design Wilmslow – case study

Garden design in Wilmslow completed for a very large family garden at an old semi-detached house.

The design was done by working closely with the client and carrying out extensive research and consultation over a 6-month period, culminating with the client being extremely happy with the design.  

  • Design fee £3,000
  • Build Budget £85k

Client brief:

  • The client wanted the whole family to be able to use the garden together and in separate ways
  • Create an area for dining and relaxing
  • Build a division between the front and the back garden as it was an open plan and it wasn’t secure
  • The client required privacy for visual purposes and rear security reasons
  • Existing lawn area didn’t drain well and therefore client wanted this rectifying
  • The house has been renovated combining modern architectural features contrasting with the old original house (e.g. sunken basement and glass balustrades) and the client wanted to carry this theme with a blend of elements reflected in the garden design
  • Due to the materials found during the construction work, the garden resembled a reclamation yard after years of neglect. The design involved cleaning the garden and using flair and creativity to reuse some of the materials and blend them with the new ones
  • The legacy of the house suited the needs of the client whilst taking inspiration from the materials available
  • It was important to bring wildlife into the garden
  • The design incorporated planning for future use of the garden as the client’s children would leave home within 5 years and the client wouldn’t want to go through this process again
  • The design was planned with 2 phases of construction in mind:
  • Phase 1: work in the back garden while dividing the front from the back
  • Phase2: work on the driveway and the front garden



  • Build time: 12 weeks, as garden was completely overgrown and neglected
  • Removed tonnes of rubble from post builders work
  • The lawn wasn’t draining well as the garden was predominantly full of heavy clay soil, therefore this was dug out (circa 150 tonnes) using excavators and dump trucks to install an extensive drainage system and then replaced with decent topsoil, levelled and lawn laid
  • Trees were hugely overgrown, so a tree surgeon was involved to create more light and air for the lawn and plants
  • Sandstone paving
  • Self-binding gravel pathway
  • Dry stone walling
  • York stone patio
  • Victorian tiling
  • Extensive planting

Features included:

  • Bespoke carport with a modern twist with a green roof and unique storage solutions and an alpine drain system
  • Resurfaced the drive with resin bound driveway
  • Front garden: shaded garden planting to be consistent with the style of the surrounding residents (formal Yew hedging and shade tolerant plants such as ferns hellebores hostas)
  • A large rectangular plot used to divide the garden into a distinct section
  • Victorian style symmetrical beds around the path, using Lavender instead of Buxus and Photinia Lollypop standards instead of roses to give a modern twist
  • The space to store and use trampoline area for kids was hidden behind screening
  • Built a productive growing area and planted a mini orchard
  • Created a family patio area next to the bespoke water feature (3-tiered water feature including holding pools and stream and fish pond with pebble beach)
  • Designed a large open lawn space for kids to play in which is surrounded by borders with traditional planting styles in line with the house style
  • Rockery: created a mounded feature bed to accentuate the rockery and ensure the planting created a stunning visual feature providing screening to the rear boundary  
  • Aesthetically pleasing design with correct orientation e.g. patio positioned to maximise sun exposure
  • A water feature next to the patio for sound and visual impact
  • Photinia hedge to create a boundary between the front and the rear areas
  • Large Laurel hedges across rear for privacy and security
  • Pathways created for access during all weather conditions


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