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Garden Landscaping For A Picture-Perfect Exterior

Now is the time to turn your outside area into one of beauty through garden landscaping. To create the vision you want to see, you’ll need to consider every single choice with care. Planning ahead is therefore required.

Knowing the decisions you’ll need to make in order to achieve a picture-perfect exterior doesn’t often come naturally unless you’re an expert in the field. Join us as we take you through exactly how to plan ahead…

How to get started

Especially if you’re a beginner, it’s a good idea to start with how you envisage the garden to look. This can be done in a number of ways.

Draw your dream garden

Firstly, you can do a rough sketch of your ideal garden landscaping on a piece of paper. This will help bring your ideas to life and see if they would actually be feasible within your space or if you need to have a rethink. It helps to draw your garden to scale and accurately plot how much room all the different elements will take up.

Visit other gardens

If you’re struggling for ideas, then arrange a visit to some gardens. This could be areas of beauty, like your local parklands, or a garden centre. Alternatively, if you like your neighbours’ exteriors, take note of what features stand out. Perhaps they have turned it into an outdoor entertainment area, and you think your garden could benefit from a BBQ, firepit, or other focal point to pique interest from your guests and make those summer gatherings something to really look forward to.

Seek inspiration

Inspiration can also strike when searching online, such as on visual sharing website Pinterest. The images will help you find the kind of style you want to replicate (from modern to traditional, Japanese to Mediterranean) and you can compile them in a mood board for your garden designer – right down to the colour scheme and structures.

garden landscaping manchester


Once you’ve set a more exact vision in mind, you can then begin to think about how garden landscaping can be tailored to your own back yard.


Consider the space. Will there be any size or shape limitations? Could privacy be a potential issue? Do you need to ensure your existing shed or storage will fit? Does your exterior have a slope? The space might not necessarily restrict you, it could offer opportunity – perhaps certain ideas work best in a sloped garden, or you could add in extra features like secondary seating if you can’t accommodate an eating and relaxation area. Also, think about mobility. If you can’t move easily and freely around the space, some ideas might not work in practice.

Weather and light

Weather is another consideration. Take note of how much sun your garden gets and where – it may be that greenery will struggle to thrive, so other features like a patio or artificial lawn would be better. By starting with the conditions your garden usually experiences, you can work around these to decide on what plants or furnishings will work best. If seed growth is proving particularly tricky, then a greenhouse could be a good idea.


Take into account what you want to spend your time in your garden doing. If it’s going to be a relaxation place, set aside room for this – you might want to include a water feature or sculpture of a spiritual figure. If you have children or any pets, you’ll need to think about their interests too, and any restrictions this will have on the aspects you want to include.

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Garden landscaping ideas

With all the possibilities considered, you might find that much of your original vision won’t work in your outdoor area, or that you’re searching for more garden landscaping ideas. Thankfully, there are plenty out there.

Pots and planters

No matter your garden size, a small, medium or large space can display pots and planters. They help to tie the garden together, as well as bring a dose of seasonal colour to your exterior. If this sounds like it would involve too much garden maintenance, then there are planting schemes available that require very little upkeep. You could, for example, use automatic watering systems and fully hardy plants that come back year after year.

Sculpture and lighting

One low maintenance idea is to create a focal point with a garden sculpture. This requires minimum care and is perfect if you feel like your exterior is missing something. You can make sure it’s seen with garden lighting. There are plenty of other good uses for illumination too, and the type you choose – be it modern uplights or flickering electric candles – can completely change the look of your outside space.

Garden beds

An idea you might not have considered is creating sensory or productive garden beds. Picking specific flowers for their scent or appearance will offer an exterior experience, perhaps providing a source of calm or helping to reduce stress (lavender, chamomile and jasmine are all frequently touted for their anti-anxiety benefits). You could also consider changing the colour, texture, form and structure of your planting – these can transform the feel of your garden.


Once you’ve settled on your ideas, you should think about how much it will all total up to. The solution you’ll be able to implement will depend upon your budget, and it’s very much a case of ‘how long is a piece of string’ in terms of pricing as every site is different.

If you think the costs to carry out your own garden landscaping won’t allow you to realise your vision, then you can instead hire a designer. They will produce a custom garden that’s created entirely around you using their wealth of knowledge, and they will make the most of the space and planting.

Here at Dreamscape Gardens, we will devise a specifically tailored plan. The price generally depends on the size of your garden and other factors, but ranges from £500 for a concept plan to £3,000+ for those more elaborate designs.

To find out more about the garden landscaping options available to make your exterior completely picture-perfect, contact our team today.

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