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Garden Rooms: How To Create An Amazing Outside Space

With summer in full swing, now’s the time to consider how you can improve your exterior space. Whether you want to spend longer outside or are looking for a relaxing area away from busy family life, a garden room is a fantastic addition to any property. Not only do they add a little extra oomph to the area, but also allow it to become multifunctional. And, you’ll be able to spend more time in your outdoor space, which we’re always an advocate for.
Join us as we detail how you can create an amazing outside room…

Garden Room

Benefits of garden rooms

Spending time outside has a number of benefits, for both physical and mental health. It’s no surprise then that garden rooms are becoming so popular: The main benefits include:

Multiple uses

A garden room allows you to use your exterior space to its maximum. For example, it can function as an outdoor kitchen, relaxing retreat zone, storage space, or even the likes of an entertainment hub or gym!
A common use is an outdoor office, providing a more refreshing environment than the standard workspace. Having plants close by will also help to boost your creativity and productivity – there’s even been studies to show so!

Stylish affordability

Many people opt for a garden room in order to provide more space – and this is significantly cheaper than building an extension. Plus, if you come to sell your home later down the line, it will add property value so you can expect a higher selling price.
This is particularly the case if you make the space stylish. There’s a huge array of options when it comes to design, allowing you to mould the room to not only the area, but your lifestyle. The choices range from an off the shelf space to completely bespoke garden rooms.

Personal additions

If you’re spending a lot of time hosting in the evening, then think about garden bars. They’re an incredibly unique feature, allowing you to add that personal touch and will certainly impress your guests. Install a sink, fridge and bar area – not forgetting comfortable seating and lighting to ensure that your garden bar can be used all-night-long. To achieve a more authentic feel, you may want to include a firepit.

Things to consider

If you want to reap the rewards of garden rooms, then you need to think about a number of things before going ahead with the build…


Firstly, determine exactly what the function of the space will be. If it’s an entertainment room and you have guests around a lot, then you’ll need to make sure there’s seating and other amenities to guarantee comfort. This includes heating and electricity.
Garden rooms used simply as storage would most likely not require these things. Though there will still be basics to consider – for example specific materials used to ensure its stable and can withstand all weathers.

Location and size

Secondly, think about where exactly you want to place the room. You might want it to be positioned in a space where you’ll have privacy, or somewhere that increases the visual appeal of the garden. Once this is done, consider how big you’d like it to be. The size of your garden will also impact this decision. For example, small garden rooms are futile if they don’t allow the space to be used effectively. Double-check building regulations as well – you wouldn’t want to start the process to discover your garden room doesn’t abide by the rules.


Next you need to consider the style – but again this will depend on its function. Perhaps you’ll require curtains and other furnishings for its use. You can research style trends on garden rooms to achieve your desired look. The interior should be complemented by the exterior. If you want a modern garden room that doesn’t require much maintenance, then go for a composite construction. Bespoke cedar cladding will provide a more natural look. Garden rooms can harmonize with the actual exterior too – install a green roof or even a living wall.

Garden rooms with Dreamscape Gardens

Whether your garden is large or small, you don’t have to deal with putting in a garden room all by yourself. Here at Dreamscape Gardens, we’ve helped many transform their spaces into something truly stunning.
With multiple awards to our name, and the full BALI accreditation, you can put your trust in us. And we don’t just do garden design – we perform landscaping and maintenance too. Simply get in touch with our friendly team today, and be on your way to a dream garden.