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How A Garden Sculpture Will Help Your Exterior Thrive

Garden sculptures can completely transform your outdoor area. They achieve the same effect on your exterior as displaying artwork and ornaments does on your interior – helping add that little bit extra to inject personality and elegance into a home.

Here, we explore the benefits of this feature for a pleasant-looking garden, along with how you can ensure it will make your exterior flourish.

Benefits of a beautiful sculpture

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Without a centrepiece for your outdoors, it can feel like something is lacking. Adding a decorative garden sculpture creates a focal point that both you and any visitors cannot help but marvel at.

Its astounding appearance lasts all year-round as it doesn’t depend upon the weather to look its best, like an ornamental tree or shrub. This also means that they require significantly less garden maintenance than these other types of decorations, so you achieve a stunning exterior with minimal effort. However, this will depend upon the material the sculpture is made from – some metals rust over time, stone is long-lasting yet weather will eventually age it and soften its features, and ceramic can discolour.

Finally, there is also the benefit of the wide range of choice, allowing you to bring some of your own personality into the garden. Individual character can be crafted by the specific material, size and style of the sculpture you select.


Choosing a style

Style should be at the forefront of your mind when picking the type of sculpture you want for your garden. Going bold with your choices will allow for a beautiful and unique feature, which is currently very popular in garden design.

The wide range of abstract and contemporary structures available can help create this sense of distinctiveness. Some of these sculptures have a smooth and organic form, which can make a striking juxtaposition against informal planting and foliage.

This stark contrast can also be achieved via modern materials, like industrial metals. Stainless steel is one that you’ll have likely seen at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show and beyond, and it can really make your planting stand out. Ian Marlow is a sculptor who moulds this type of material, and we recently displayed one of his sculptures when exhibiting at RHS Tatton. We work with him alongside other sculptors to ensure that each garden we design is perfect.

Creating a juxtaposition to the rest of the garden is not the only style choice. You can also opt for a carving that ties it all together, such as a botanical sculpture. One that has references to nature, or is enveloped by planting natural or living sculptures like topiary, will successfully marry each element together.

Selecting your garden sculpture

When initially thinking about sculptures, your mind might instantly conjure up images of tacky garden gnomes or bland, traditional stone figurines. But a garden sculpture can be much more than that if you think a little outside the box.

Instead of simply searching the internet, look in your local area. There are plenty of available commissions from artists who can offer you something more personal and unique. Use The Garden Gallery’s list to search for one near you.

The types of sculptures that these artists create are wide-ranging. Peter Newsome FRBS, RBA carves glass into elegant pieces, whilst Rosie Musgrave MRBS has had significant success with stunning stone sculptures.

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David Harber (current and feature image)

Positioning the piece

After deciding on the attractive garden sculpture you want, you should make sure it is placed somewhere that shows it in its best light. Positioning the sculpture is key – indeed, there’s no point having a focus piece if it doesn’t stand out!

Sight lines will be of utmost importance. Consider the journey you and others will take around the garden, and where their eyes will be drawn. The wider landscape will need to be taken into account, along with any buildings.

These aren’t the only things you ought to think about when it comes to garden design. Elbow room for any outdoor parties, adding features like archways and living walls, and choosing the right type of long-lasting greenery to flourish in your garden will also be key considerations.

When planning and designing your garden, it can be a good idea to seek outside help to ensure its perfectly executed. This is where we here at Dreamscape Gardens can assist.

Garden design with Dreamscape Gardens

We can help revitalise your garden from start to finish. We’ll undertake all the planning and designing, as well as any landscaping and maintenance if required. When it comes to your garden sculpture, we’ll commission and ensure that the chosen piece complements its surroundings.

We’ll complete every task to perfection, with our full BALI accreditation demonstrating the high standards that we adhere to. To get your garden thriving, contact with our team today.