Modern Garden Design

Perfecting Your Outside Area: How To Easily Achieve This Aesthetic In Your Own Outside Area

Modern Gardens: How To Easily Achieve This Aesthetic In Your Own Outside Area

If you’ve flicked through gardening magazines recently, it’s likely that you’ll have noticed the increase in modern gardens lining the pages. But what exactly does this mean and just why are they becoming so popular?

Join us as we look at this type of garden and offer advice on how you can ensure your own exterior possesses such style.

Key characteristics of modern gardens

Modern gardens are incredibly distinctive, with three key features: being minimalist, contemporary, and having sleek finishes. You’ll often see this portrayed through hard landscaping elements, such as minimal paving surfaces, gravel and decking. Layouts commonly used in modern gardens use angular straight lines and geometric patterns, instead of more traditionally seen curves. This type of garden also requires very little maintenance, with minimal planting and large format flags. Modern gardens can also help to bring the inside out, using indoor/outdoor tiling.


Modern Garden Design

Potential ideas 

If you’ve decided to give modern gardens the go-ahead, there are a variety of ways you can implement its features.

Take into account the boundaries

A modern uplift is achieved instantly via a contemporary backdrop – simply use slatted fences, metal screens or gabions. These will also add emphasis to your planting. If altering your boundaries is not an option, use living screens. Bamboo or pleached trees are great ideas, particularly if they’re clump forming types. For example, Fargesia are easy to keep within limits, and their arching allows for an attractive, contemporary exterior.

Look at lighting

Garden lighting is incredibly common in modern gardens. Ensure that you make for a warm and welcoming space so entertaining will be easy as can be. On top of this, using lighting will provide other benefits, such as maximising the time you can spend outside.

Think about materials

Your material selections contribute to the contemporary feel too. For example, Cedar and Corten timber will add warmth, and also effectively juxtapose against cooler-looking grey paving. You could choose composite decking like Millboard, which offers a significantly longer lifetime, as well as requiring less upkeep compared to traditional decking. Rather than real grass, pick artificial turf – its lush appearance blends in well, and means mowing isn’t needed.


Modern Garden design style

Put a focus on planting

One of the biggest considerations in your modern garden will be your planting.

Showcase shape

A contemporary look doesn’t need to be boring. To ensure that your garden grabs all the attention, use planting to show off its shape. View your greenery as a sculpture and highlight its display. Phormiums, canna, hakonechloa, stipa and ferns are particularly great choices.

Get repetitive

You can ensure your planting continues to look considered by going for a repetitive vibe, for instance by choosing topiary and hedges. But ensure they’re well-scattered; this will flaunt their structures. Plus, putting in a top layer of gravel will supress weeds and retain moisture.

Contemplate specific colour

The colour of your planting should be taken into account too. Have a select palette – perhaps it could be a white garden, or you could use cool purples and blues by planting bulbs like alliums, agapanthus and tulips.

Size up plants

Planting helps create a sense of size, and no garden is complete without this. Therefore, employ trees and large shrubs. Ornamental plants such as Cercis, Catalpa and Acers, make for stunning shape and foliage, as well being an eye-catching focal point to impress any guests.

Get personal with your extras

Your exterior space should be personal to you so there will be add-ons specific to your lifestyle.

Aiming to entertain

Perhaps you often use your exterior to entertain, therefore firepits and outdoor kitchens are ideal. The latter are especially fantastic for taking your outside area one step further into modernity. These easily achieve the contemporary indoor/outdoor feel, and if you relish in cooking outdoors, come in incredibly handy!

Seeking relaxation

If you enjoy a more serene environment, then you can create this calm via reflective pools or lounging on specially-selected garden furniture. Whether you’re being an open-air chef, or simply enjoy unwinding in your outdoor area, then you might find that the sun is a bit too much at times. It’s best to use some form of protection, such as a shade sail, canopy or louvered roof pergola.


There is a lot to consider when implementing modern gardens. Naturally, you might require assistance when it comes to the design of these, and we here at Dreamscape Gardens would be more than happy to help.

Multi-award-winning and possessing the full BALI accreditation, we’ve got the expertise to transform your outdoor space into one that not’s only modern, but meets all your requirements.

To get your own garden transformed, simply contact our friendly team today to discover what we can do for you.

Modern Garden design patio


Cost of garden design

Whatever design features you choose, you’ll want to ensure that the designer is reputable. Request examples of their work, and ask questions so you know they will definitely meet your needs.

We’re happy to show you the transformations we’ve performed for our satisfied clients here at Dreamscape Gardens. We tailor our design packages to suit your individual space, so you’ll get exactly what you require. Whilst costs vary depending on requests, garden design typically starts at £1,800.

Learn more about our garden design by heading over to our dedicated page, or get in touch with our friendly team today.