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Top 5 tips for laying turf

The best time to lay turf is winter. With the new year’s garden resolution, January is the best time and the most motivated moment to lay turf. How to lay a good turf? Here are the top five tips for you.

1.Ground preparation

Turn over with a rotavator and remove rubble bricks stones etc which prevent good drainage and can block root growth. Also, remove as much clay as possible if the ground is clay based and replace with top soil.

lawn care turf lay at Lawn Barlow Moor Rd2. Level the ground

Level the ground using a large plank and rake and let it settle. The longer the better.

3. Do it now

Now is the time of year to lay turf. It is not too hot causing it to shrink and struggle to establish. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us now to get a quote.

lawn care turf lay

4. Water the turf

Water the turf well after installation but during summer months, remember to water in the morning and in the evening but not in direct sunlight.

lawn care turf lay

5. Keep off the turf

Keep off the turf for 2 – 3 weeks until roots have established. This will give your lawn the best possible chance to flourish ready for spring.

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