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Will a well-designed garden add value to my house?

Here’s an extract from an article our MD Dan wrote for  MOOR Magazine

I bet when you’re dreaming of a new ultra-chic kitchen or a luxury bathroom, part of you is also adding up the value it might add to your home. But, have you considered how the state of your garden and outdoor space could affect the saleability of your property? You probably should. A recent Telegraph article suggested that a well-designed, well-maintained garden could add a massive 20% to the value of your home.

My top tips for creating a garden that could add value to your home are:

  • Make sure your garden is designed so that it acts and feels like part of the house, both in terms of style and flow.
  • Add lighting so that it’s usable at night too, for parties and dinners – very aspirational!
    Mood lighting is wonderful in a modern garden
  • Sheds are pretty cool at the moment and can be used for so much more than storing tools: by using yours as an office, playroom or hobby room you’re adding valuable extra living space without incurring a massive spend.
  • House buyers are often concerned about privacy, so make sure you have fencing and/or hedges in place. They need to look good as well as be effective though, so discuss this with your garden designer when you’re planning your space.
  • Good quality paving material can create beautiful terraces and pathways: it’s easier to maintain than soft-wood decking, looks good for years and is safer too, as it doesn’t get nearly so slippery.
  • Make your garden look easy to care for – nothing too elaborate or complicated. Swimming pools deter more people than almost anything else in a garden!

So there you are – ignore the state of your garden at your peril if you’re aiming to sell your house!